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Black Cherry

The brand

Black Cherry is a new Estonian fashion brand creating designs for ambitious modern women who know what they want. Black Cherry is a mix of contrasts where the elegance of black meets spring cherry blossoms giving life to a new cocktail. Our collections, combine the minimalism of strict forms with the gentle romance of silhouettes. 

Why did we call our brand Black Cherry?

Black is the color of feminine power, grace and sexuality. Black puzzles us with riddles and plunges us into unknown mysteries. The infinite depth of black absorbs the rest of the color spectrum.

Cherry is a symbol of youth and purity. A cherry tree is the first one to bloom marking new beginnings and rebirth. The tart sweetness of juicy burgundy colored berries reminds us of freshness and beauty of spring.

We create minimalistic feminine looks from high-quality Italian fabrics: tweed, cotton, virgin wool, viscose. Appreciating that a regular day of a modern young woman is full of events we produce comfortable and practical pieces that are suitable for work, study, walking with kids, meetings and evening occasions never compromising on beauty and elegance.

We are inspired by independent women who are daring and know how to balance between different roles: a businesswoman, a wife, a mother, a muse. Our mission is to reveal and highlight the individual spirit and natural beauty of a woman.



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