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Black cherry – a wise choice of exclusive garments for those who are not afraid to stand out

A great combination of vivid sport chic, high quality and reasonable prices

Balck cherry, the new Estonian brand of designer clothes, manages to combine things that seem to be incompatible: the same outfit can be appropriate to wear both at the office and at a wild party!

“We are proud that our jumpsuit was selected for a photo shoot for the cover of the August issue of Yana magazine, and that it was not a random model that put it on, but the famous Estonian athlete Ksenia Balta,” — says Kristina Pacha, the head of the new brand.

Oh yes, this jumpsuit made a splash! All the trends in one piece: what looks like a workers jumpsuit is decorated with rough stitches, pockets, tractor zipper and made from the light white coloured fabric!

Kristina Pacha graduated from the EuroAcademy with a degree in business management. She loves fashion and style.

At some point she realized that the time has come to establish her own brand producing clothes for women with an active lifestyle, who are not afraid to stand out of the crowd in any way. Women engaged in self-development, sports and combining these things with work and personal life. That’s why the outfits from Black cherry combine what would seem to be incompatible: they are very comfortable and elegant at the same time, suitable for a walk in the park, to be worn at the office, but also, would look stunning on a special occasion. Creating excellent quality trends the new brand seeks to fill a niche that is for the time being empty on the Estonian fashion market. 

Another example and one of the Black cherry hits is the two-piece red suit. It’s unusual cut does not compromise on comfort, whereas the oversized jacket decorated with lapels and 7/8 length arrowed trousers – the main trend of the last couple of seasons, will not let you stay unnoticed. Wear this suit with a cropped top and sneakers to get a sports look. Loose sneakers for a pair of high heels and a classic shirt and you’ll look completely different, incredibly stylish and feminine. Moreover, as you can see, it’s not just yet another red suit: it has an unusual color, which is slightly darker deep shade than classic red. The garment is made of the highest quality wool – virgin wool: it is combed from the lamb during molting, so that the animal does not suffer. In a suit like that you will not only feel comfortable wearing it in demi-season, but also very warm.

High quality exclusive

“We make everything ourselves: invent it, we sew it, we sell it, – Kristina smiles, – we started from scratch with no experience, but with great strive and ambition.”

Thus, they opened their very own atelier-showroom, bought the newest and most advanced sewing equipment of what is on the market, hired a very high level seamstresses and went to Italy to check out what the fabric market has to offer.

“You’re very welcome to pop up our atelier at Peterburi tee 46, see and try on the garments from our collection. We’ll easily adjust if for you if needed, – says Kristina, – we are open to new customers and ideas and always happy to have a chat and offer you a cup of coffee.”

“By the way, individual tailoring either from the client’s fabric or from our selection, is also one of the services that our atelier offers, — adds Kristina Pacha, — our designer will help to draw a sketch of your idea and the seamstresses will bring it to life.

At first, Black cherry brand clothes could be purchased at the studio or through Instagram with accordance of the latest trends of the fashion business. The company just launched their web page with the purpose of selling their collections around the world. Also, the plan is to participate in Fashion Weeks, primarily in Tallinn TFW. And on November 9, Swissotel will host the first show of the Black Cherry festive collection – the Celebrate Collection.

More details in lookbook

An important and at the same time difficult question of any design brand is the price. The prices of the new brand are moderate prices for the Estonian market: a Black cherry blouse made of 100% natural silk with very delicate Moscow seams – an indicator of a very high class work of seamstresses! – costs 150 euros. A long autumn coat made of Chanel fabric is 450 euros. And these are all exclusive one of a kind designer garments and not even small parties so far.

“We choose only high-quality fabrics and we have our own production with Black cherry seamstresses sewing the clothes, — Kristina emphasizes, — customers who wear and appreciate the pieces made by the world class fashion gurus note when buying Black cherry clothing that the quality of tailoring is very high. One of the customers chose one Black cherry suit at first, and she liked it so much that a few days later she returned to buy three more things”.

“We stand for reasonable consumption and feel strongly against the fast fashion, as it is the second most polluting industry after oil production,” — says Kristina Pacha, — therefore, clothes should serve longer: it is better to buy one more expensive high-quality piece of clothing that would not go out of style and which you will be happy to wear for a long time. Thus, our focus is original design and high quality produce.

Ne BC menya!

“The first spring-summer collection gives us a more feminine version of workatire. But our heart strived for something different, — Kristina recalls, — therefore, the new autumn-winter collection represents street fashion and sport-chic”.

For example, the jacket dress dress-jacket from the new Black cherry collection is ideally suitable for business lunches and meetings. It looks stunning not only with high-heeled shoes, but also with a pair of sneakers. Try to experiment a bit to get a completely different street fashion look and tie a rough belt around, which the brand is planning to produce with “Attention! Cherry bomb!” inscription.

There will be more messages of such kind, as designer felt inspired and decided to play around with the brand name also by following the popular trend and using Cyrilic alphabet. For example: “Не BC меня!” (“Ne BC menya!”). Sports suits are going into production shortly, such as short tops, high-waisted trousers and jersey dresses with different decorative elements. Sounds promising!

Visit Balck cherry website for more details on our collections:

Black cherry
Atelier-showroom: Tallinn, Peterburi tee 46 – 334, 3 floor
Instagram: thebcstore




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