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How to please women of Estonia: three pillars of Black Cherry brand philosophy

What does a modern women of Estonia wear? According to Kristina, the founder of Black Cherry, which is the new fashion brand, universal approach in fashion, it’s comfort and transferability is what local women value the most, so that one outfit would look appropriate for everyday wear as well as for special occasions! Therefore, the high quality of fabrics, the versatility of models and colors are the three pillars on which any local brand should stand on. We talked to Kristina to found out what does the popularity and success mean for a fashion brand in our country.

Black Cherry brand — who is it for?

Today, a woman wants to go out on a date with her partner wearing a romantic dress, tomorrow she’s having an important meeting presenting herself in a formal business suit, whereas the next day she takes her child for a walk in the park wearing a comfortable sport style outfit, but no matter where she is, she feels comfortable and looks stunning. This is a philosophy of finding oneself in the crowd and highlighting all the magical sides of the female soul. Not only a woman is a symbol of romance, tenderness, fragility, but also will and desire to act not at the expense of comfort and beauty. Black Cherry is a brand for women aged between 23 and 50 who combine different roles in their everyday life, such as a mother, a business owner or a top manager.

What do you especially like about your work? 

I graduated from the faculty of business management and in our company I deal with managerial issues and I like it. I also like to observe the process of creation and how our designers and seamstresses build the products from a simple sketch to ready-to-wear piece of clothing. Since I am not a creative person, and needlework is not my hobby, I am absolutely mesmerized with how our seamstresses work. It is a hard and time consuming work. I am very proud of them, they are real professionals.

What model did it all start with?

The tweed white suit was the first one to be presented to the world. I really wanted to have it for myself and our customers loved it too, as it sold out really fast.

And what about the fabrics?

The right choice of fabrics plays a key role in tailoring, along with the professionalism of our craftsmen and modern equipment. The final product depends on the choice of fabric, therefore, I pay special attention to its choice. We bring materials from Italy.

What is your favorite item from the collection?

It’s hard for me to single out one item, I love everything that we create. There is a story and the work of the whole team of professions behind the creation of every product. Every piece is a reflection of one of the facets of the female soul, so different, but always magnificent!

Tell us about the new holiday collection. What will it be like?

In anticipation of the holidays, we are preparing a collection in which we will present 16 different models for cocktail and corporate parties, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I really enjoyed taking part in the creation of this collection since we could set our imagination free and use truly exclusive and chic fabrics. We will present this collection at our first show, which will be held on November 9 at 19.00 at Swissotel. It is so exciting, we just can’t wait! We are preparing a very special evening for our guests. You’re welcome to me! We’ll be happy to see you there!

What is the must-have garment from Black Cherry?

A red jacket dress from the new autumn collection, which you can wear at work, for a walk in the park or an event like an exhibition or friends get together in a restaurant.

More details in store

In your opinion, what exactly makes Black Cherry different from other brands?

Wearing Black Cherry clothes, you can remain feminine in the era of masculine oversize models. Also the range of the brand products allows you to create a capsule wardrobe. Another advantage is the possibility to order tailoring on any item from the collection so that it would ideally fit your individual standards. That allows our client to look luxurious at all times.

What are your personal and/or professional goals?

I would like women from all over the world to wear Black Cherry products and so that it would make them a bit happier. Even now it is great to see the first results: the photos of the luxurious women wearing our clothes, which they choose for everyday wear and for special occasions. It is very enriching to hear feedback from customers stating that they find Black Cherry clothes inspiring and allows them to feel more confident, desired and irresistible. Another significant part of my professional goals is the participation of Black Cherry in various Fashion Weeks. The brand concept serves women in general, their comfort and achievement of their life goals, and it is worthy of the widest publicity. For more photos of Black Cherry products check out brand’s Instagram.




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