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Our story

Dear girls! Nice to meet you on our blog! Here we will share the last brand’s news, tell you about our new collections, trends, fashion tips and show the best way to combine Black Cherry clothes. But first of all, we want to tell you about our brand story.

About us

Black Cherry is a new Estonian fashion brand, whose owner and creative muse is Kristina Pacha. Name of the brand — Black Cherry — is a mix of contrasts where the elegance of black meets the gentleness and romance of spring cherry blossoms.

That is how we see our heroine. She changes her roles easily and with chic: in the morning she goes to the office and wears a formal but elegant suit, then she has a date and for this occasion, she chooses a delicate chiffon dress or a blouse. She has a lot of plans for the weekend: she has lunch with friends, goes for a walk with the dog, so she needs comfortable and warm clothes — wool trousers, a nice hoodie and a cozy coat. She wants to be different, she likes to inspire and surprise people around her.

Our mission is to help a woman look perfect on any occasion and to reveal and highlight the individual spirit and natural beauty of a woman.

Our story

Our story started in 2009. That year we opened a fashion studio in the heart of Tallinn (Peterburi tee 46), launched English and Russian versions of our site, had a profile on Instagram with more than 4 thousand followers.

There is an interesting fact that the first model of the brand was a white tweed costume. The owner of Black Cherry Kristina Pacha wanted something like that but couldn’t find such a costume in the shops. The solution was found: the costume was sewn. Occasionally not only Kristina liked this suit, but our customers also fell in love with it too and bought all the batch very fast!

Our studio

Our studio is located in the center of Tallinn. It’s a creative hub where new models are invented and produced. From the fashion sketch to the last stitch on the fabric — there are no unimportant details for us, everything should be perfect.

Guests are very welcome! Meet us to take a look at the new collection, try on the models, which you like, and chat with us about the latest fashion news and trends over a cup of coffee or  a glass of champagne! If you’re lucky you will be the first one to see the birth of the new collection.

We also do bespoke tailoring for our customers. Come to our cozy studio and together we will design a unique piece especially for you.

About fabrics

We think that the right choice of fabrics, along with the professionalism of seamstresses and modern equipment, plays a key role in sewing clothes. The final result depends on them, therefore we pay special attention to the quality of materials and cooperate with the best Italian factories.

We prefer high-quality fabrics: virgin wool, natural silk, tweed, cotton, viscose, velvet and thin lace.

Our collections

We present the collections, which reflect our vision of the world and are inspired by a strong, independent, but gentle and elegant woman. The design process starts with us thinking about what she wants to wear right now.

In our collection, you can find formal, elegant, sexy dresses and suits, as well as romance, delicate, chic skirts and blouses. If you choose Black Cherry clothes, you will always look feminine and stylish.

All our comfortable and fashionable pieces are combined with each other perfectly. You can assemble a practical capsule wardrobe, which will help you out in any situation.

You can always order any model from our collection according to your individual standards. Our design mission is to make silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure.

Our sustainability impact

We think that clothes should be created with a minimum of environmental impact. The fashion industry is the second, after the oil industry, which is the most dangerous for our planet.

That’s why we stand for sustainable consumption and produce clothes that will be relevant for a long time, thanks to their cut and natural high-quality fabrics.

Thanks for your interest in our brand!

We promise to delight and inspire you again and again!



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