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Spectacular fashion party: Black Cherry and Grenardi Silvia jewelry first show

The shine of silk, the fines of the lace, the dim light and the radiance of the most sophisticated jewelry is what guests of the Black Cherry Fashion Show were delighted with.

All the things came together at the show — the holiday collection of successful fashion brand made of high quality fabrics brought from Italy exclusively for its creation, and Silvia jewelry from Grenardi, created by the best Italian masters from natural stones specifically for the Baltic customers. Tallinn fashionistas had a chance to visit and enjoy a wonderful show!

All Black Cherry products are available in their studio and/or can be purchased from their website. One of the most convenient services that the brand provides is professional tailoring in accordance to client’s individual standards making every outfit perfectly fitting and comfortable to wear at any special occasion!

In general, the Black Cherry concept brings dreams of many fashionistas to life, including those that they’ve almost given up on, creating clothing that is feminine, stylish and comfortable at the same time. It was with this concept presented by the new collection at the latest fashion show organized by First Fashion House that the brand won the hearts of many Tallinn fashionistas in a.




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