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Velvet, nacre, sequins and 3 more trends for long-awaited holidays

Christmas and New Year are less than two weeks away. Do you know what to wear? No? Then you should  read our article about holiday trends: velvet, nacre, sequins, lace and even more. From this range of trends, you will definitely find something special.


Velvet is one of the most impressive materials. Top, dress or mini skirt — every piece, which was stitched from this fabric, on the one hand, looks bright and festive, on the other, looks aristocratic and elegant. If your purpose is to find an outfit that looks appropriate on any occasion, velvet item is a good decision for you. In Black Cherry’s festive collection, you can find a few things from this noble material: a dress with long flared sleeves, bodysuit with feminine decolletage, mini skirt with drapery, A-line dress, and striped dress. All items are black, so you can combine them with bright gold and silver accessories, as well as beige, green and gray details.


Nacre is a gentler and more sensual trend of this winter. Its main representatives are items from iridescent silk and satin: slip dresses, midi skirts and, of course, a blouse with bows, which was so popular in the 70th. To be honest, you won’t surprise anyone with milky shades dress or skirt, but you will totally look fashionable and fresh in a satin shirt with pearl buttons. If you plan to spend your holidays in the country house, wear the blouse with blue jeans and a brown bag and shoes, if you going to the party, combine it with a velvet skirt, if you have dinner with your parents, match the shirt with flared pants.


Lace is a perfect trend for everyone who misses simple and timeless femininity. Delicate outfits look romantic and gentle. A mini dress, pleated skirt, top — you decide which detail in your outfit will be decorated with figured sewing. As for the color we advise you to choose a neutral or classic one: black, white or beige. The last two are our favorites because dark shades are typical for winter and light shades are something new and festive. The best confirmation of our words is an elegant dress with festoons from the Black Cherry’s festive collection.


New Year’s Eve is a special moment in every person’s calendar. It’s time to shine and sparkle, do you agree? If yes, sequins are absolutely your trend. In look, which was strewn with rhinestones and sparkles, you can only dance all night long, chat up with friends and have fun. Our sparkling favorite is a mini dress with one sleeve. Thanks to the original fabric, the dress turns from black to silver very easily.  So, if in the middle of the party you want to change your outfit, this won’t be difficult.


You can see drapery in all kind of clothes: on dresses, skirts, tops – doesn’t matter. Drapery is everywhere. Pleats look especially beautiful on velvet, silk, and fabric with metallic thread. You can find all three options in Black Cherry’s festive collection. And don’t forget that neat drapery doesn’t hide your waist and even more: pleats are slimming you!


Do you always watch “Cinderella” movie with awe and mystery and want to be a princess for at least one night? If yes, you should absolutely pay attention to the white transparent mesh skirt with a golden glitter star pattern from our festive collection. If you like a sassy outfit, you can wear this skirt with a velvet bodysuit and ugly boots. If you prefer a classic style, you should combine it with a gold top and sparkling shoes. Do you like dark shades more? Look closer to blue mini dress with polka dot pattern.



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